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Ground Steward: Simon Ryan Phone: 0428 457 942  or Rosemary Reid Phone: 0408 279 217 or  Email:

Stallholders, trade exhibitors and sideshow operators are welcome to rent a site at the Blayney Show. Please contact our Ground Steward Rosemary Reid or Simon Ryan for bookings and inquiries.

Ground rent and sideshow regulations

  • All Sideshows operating must have proper risk insurance cover.

  • The charge for ground rent to be $3.00 per metre, plus $20.00 electricity pending current charges.

  • Minimum charge $20.00 to be paid to the Chief Ground Steward or the Committee’s Deputy on demand.

  • The Association reserves the right to refuse any space application as they think fit.

  • Trade exhibits such as machinery, motor cars etc – all space $5.00 per metre.

  • Commercial exhibits $5.00 per metre.

  • Applications for space to be in the hands of the Secretary seven days prior to the Show.

  • The Chief Ground Steward has full control of all ground space and camping areas and is empowered by the Committee to use his/her discretion on all matters.


If camping on site please contact Ground Steward.
If looking for accommodation in town follow this link

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