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Download and complete entry forms and indemnity and waivers found below.

Forms can be digitally filled using ADOBE or print, fill and supply entry forms to Head Stewards of sections entered.


Waivers must be completed by anyone at our Show who is:

  • competing in horse events

  • responsible for handling animals

  • competing in physical activities such as wood chop, young farmers' challenge, vehicle competitions, hay stacking, etc. 


The waivers below are produced by The Agricultural Societies Council of NSW Ltd  (ASC)

You can either use the individual version of this waiver or the bulk entrants version. In signing the waiver, the exhibitor has read and agrees to comply with the following rules and regulations and any other rules and regulations stated in the schedule or this site, concerned with exhibiting at the Blayney Show.

Note:  Waivers do not need to be signed by Pavillion entrants or for entry into a petting zoo.


The Committee will accept no responsibility for accident to exhibit, competitor or spectator during our
All exhibits must be bona-fide property of exhibitors at time of entry unless otherwise expressed in the
The name, residence and district of exhibitor must be given when entering exhibits.
Exhibitors shall if required furnish a statutory declaration as to the bona-fides of their exhibits.
All exhibits must be properly placed and ticketed on the day and hour specified in the schedule and time
sheets, at which hour the judges will commence inspection.
Exhibits entered in the wrong class may be placed in the correct class by the Stewards if authorised by the judge.
No exhibit shall be removed before 4.30pm unless with the permission of the Stewards of the section.

The Association will not be responsible for any accident caused through or by any exhibit, and will not under
any circumstances be responsible for any loss, injury to, or misdelivery of any exhibit of any kind or for any
damage done thereto.
Exhibitors shall accept the decision of the Judge or Judges appointed by the Committee of the Association.
Any exhibitor or other person interfering with the Judge or calling into question his or their awards on the
ground or be guilty of unseemly conduct to any Judge or Steward or Official of the Association may be
expelled from the ground, and if an exhibitor, his exhibits disqualified.
Judges, upon arrival at the showground, shall report to the Secretary’s office for direction.
Only authorised persons will be allowed in the vicinity of the Judges whilst judging.
The Judges shall have the power to disqualify and mark as disqualified any exhibit which in their opinion does
not comply with the regulations and class, and shall enter the reason in their books.
After judging, Stewards are to obtain Awards Book and please return same to the Secretary’s Office. All
protests fully setting out the grounds of such protest in writing must be lodged with the Secretary before
6.00pm on the day of the Show, accompanied by a fee of $10 which shall be forfeited to the Association
if the Committee deems the protest frivolous.
In all protests, the decision of the Committee shall be final and without appeal.

Prize money and trophies will not be valid after five days after Show day.

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Biosecurity is everyone's responsibility.

For details on animal health and biosecurity requirements for showing, follow these links to the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the ASC Animal and Biosecurity pages for exhibitor requirements.

Previous schedules

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Download and complete this form to have a stall or trade display.


This Indemnity waiver form is for a single entrant.
Read and sign, then return to your sections Head Steward.
Do not fill the horse section if you are not exhibiting horses.


This Indemnity waiver form is for multiple entrants, for example, SCHOOL GROUPS or FAMILIES entering in cattle, horse, sheep and goat sections.

Read and sign, then return to your sections Head Steward.

Do not fill the horse section if you are not exhibiting horses.


Digital copy of the full Blayney Show schedule


Complete and use this form for all Show competitions.
See schedule for class, section and entry fee information where applicable.

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