Saturday 6th March: 8.30am - 5.00pm Blayney Showground

Barbeques: show dogs & cattle area by 7.00am
Dining Room: All day from 9.00am
Displays: All Day​

• Cattle: commences 9:00am
• Classic Cars: Presentation with Utes approximately 2.30pm
• Dairy Goats: Judging to commence at 10.00am
• Dahlias: to be with Chief Steward by 9.30am Saturday (All other flowers to be with Steward by 11.00am Friday 5th March 2021)
• Dog High Jump: starts approximately 2.00pm
• Em Dance: 10.30am, just before Pet Dog Show
• Flowers: to be with Steward by 11.00am Friday 5th March
• Grand Parade: commences soon after 1.00pm
• Harness Classes: Start not before 12.30pm & after completion of rings 4 or 5 whichever is completed first.
• Harness Racing Exhibition: Two races starting 12.30pm
• Horse Events: All rings 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7 & Show jumping commences 8.30am
• Official Opening of Show: 1.00pm with official announcement of 2021 Blayney Showgirl
• Pet Dog Show: commences 11.00am
• Sheep (Prime Lambs): commence at 9.00am
• Stud sheep: Judging commences at 10.00am
• U Beaut Utes and Classic cars: Entries between 8.00am & 10.30am
• Woodchopping: commences at 10.00am
• Yard Dog Trials: commence at 8.30am